Month: May 2013

Appraising Performance Appraisals

Providing employees with consistent, effective feedback is what often distinguishes good from great CEOs. Appraisals may, in fact, be a CEO’s most potent tool in aligning people and improving effectiveness. So why do most CEOs hate doing it and why is it done so poorly by so many of us? We broke the process down… Read more »

Weathering the Weather (CFO)

In the face of extreme weather and natural disasters, companies are reengineering their supply chains for added reliability. Since Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans in 2005, catastrophes like the massive floods in Thailand and Pakistan, a prolonged drought in the Southwestern United States, and the one-two punch of hurricanes Irene and Sandy seem to be occurring with… Read more »

Mobile Devices Offer Business On the Go, But the Risks Bear Mention

It’s astonishing when you think about all we accomplish today with a device half the size of a pack of playing cards. If you’re an intrepid person like me, you’re probably using your smartphone to do something that would have been absurd a decade ago—depositing checks into your checking account, transferring money from one account… Read more »