Month: February 2014

Global Data Disconnection Holds Back U.S.Business

When the financial crisis reared in 2007, the resulting recession compelled many U.S. companies to reach beyond domestic borders to sell their products and services. With business flat at home, the high market growth rates of China, India and elsewhere presented a tantalizing opportunity to buffer the top line. Now, it appears this opportunity came… Read more »

How a ‘Wired’ Hospital does Data Security

Few sectors of the economy face a bigger information security challenge than healthcare. Not only do hospitals have all the typical compliance issues of any business with sensitive customer data, but they must grapple with a growing thicket of regulations governing personally identifiable information, state laws that protect patients’ privacy, strict confidentiality provisions of the… Read more »

‘Serious Attacks’ Linked to Rising Costs of Cyber Crime

As the founder and chairman of the eponymous Ponemon Institute, Larry Ponemon is to cyber crime what the Greek god Hermes was to Zeus—the messenger of often-bad news. He’s the go-to guy for statistics on the incidence and cost of cyber crime, courtesy of the institute’s annual benchmark study. The newest one was released on October 10 and… Read more »