Month: August 2014

Using Data to Change the Way We Rent Cars

Zipcar has established a foothold in the rental car industry by pinpointing when and where people need cars. New technology is great, unless a company happens to be in an industry that the technology seeks to displace. Then, you either follow suit or run the risk of being tomorrow’s horse and buggy, record store or… Read more »

Wearable Devices Monitor How Salespeople Talk

Improving the way employees communicate with customers is crucial to increased sales. Now there’s wearable technology that can show salespeople how they’re doing. Sociometric Solutions has developed sensors that are attached to an employee’s ID badge and can measure the length and quality of conversations the salesperson has with retail customers. The sensors — microphones with real… Read more »

Cooling Data Centers Generate New Energy Sources

Several companies are taking the necessary steps to reduce the carbon footprints of their data centers Cooling servers and other computer equipment account for nearly 40 percent the energy consumed by data centers, according to a recent paper by Emerson Network Power. Now such companies as KPMG and eBay are looking to convert the exhaust heat from… Read more »