Month: September 2014

Why You Need Business Insurance

Small business owners looking for new options on business insurance have some key decisions to make – chief among them getting the best plan, and the best value, for the best possible price. By and large, those key steps include: Reviewing your current insurance and considering adjustments and improvements to your policy (for a complete business… Read more »

Enough is Enough

Troy Shull did everything right as he planned for a career as an electrical engineer. He studied the subject in college and earned a Masters in Electrical Engineering at Southern Methodist University. He even notched an MBA from the University of Texas. For more than the next two decades, he was employed in the profession…. Read more »

Capturing images, data at Corbis

Big data is making it easier to search the company’s epic volume of pictorial images. By analyzing reams of metadata, Corbis Corp. is making the creation of magazines, websites, and films easier for the tens of thousands of customers that rely on the company’s extraordinary collection of stock images. This archive includes more than 100… Read more »