Month: October 2014

Putting Out the Fire at Fireman’s Fund

Leadership experts discuss the high cost of CEO turnover and the possibility of a parent-sibling culture clash between Allianz and Fireman’s Fund in the wake of recent news from Novato, Calif. and Munich, Germany. The latest CEO at Fireman’s Fund has been in his position for more than a year, but a parade of executives… Read more »

Initial costs slow cities’ use of LED streetlights

Energy-saving LED streetlights present cash-starved cities with a viable long-term way to save money, but their upfront costs rub a bit of gleam off their value. While progress is being made, there is still a need for better financing methods to encourage more cities to install the lighting systems. This quest is being pursued by… Read more »

BlaBlaCar Keeps Ride-Sharing Conversation Moving

While Europeans have jumped onboard, will Americans take to a car-sharing concept involving complete strangers? First it was Zipcar and then Uber in the United States, and now BlaBlaCar in Europe is becoming the talk of the ride-sharing movement. These fancifully named companies are upending the rental-car and livery industries by providing more cost-effective ways… Read more »