Month: February 2015

Connecting Quality Care to the Bottom Line

Mergers are just one avenue to achieving the changes required in the shift to value-based care. Charles Santangelo has been a CFO long enough to appreciate the extraordinary changes in his responsibilities in the aftermath of the Patient Protection andAffordable Care Act and other healthcare reforms. Where once he and other CFOs were essentially entrusted… Read more »

Cyber Insurance: Dare Leave Home Without It

When a mid-February report revealed that more than 100 banks were hacked in what appears to have resulted in over $1 billion stolen from these financial institutions, it was just another reminder of how ubiquitous cyberattacks have become. From Sony’s systems shutdown to data breaches against Target, Neiman Marcus and Coca Cola last year, virtually… Read more »

Out on a limb: 9 tech predictions for 2015

“In 2015, there will be even more mobile apps in the cloud on cool-looking devices, and at least one of them strapped to the wrist.” Really? You don’t say! That’s like projecting dark skies and misty rain in Seattle tomorrow. What about some truly risky, out-of-the-box technology predictions? We’ve come up with nine potentially prescient… Read more »