Month: March 2015

How Companies Can Gather More Data From Their Own Employees

In today’s highly-competitive global business environment, every employee’s experience counts. Yet, many organizations fail to tap into the insight of the workforce at the edges of the enterprise—the very employees who are often closest to the action. Who knows more about what customers like and dislike, the financial condition of a key supplier, or the… Read more »

Reforecast: Can Clinical Analytics Generate Financial Returns?

‘These benefits not only assist the transition toward patient-focused care, they’re helping healthcare institutions reduce associated costs.’ Hospitals are just beginning to catch on to the promise of integrated data analytics to manage patient population health and measure treatment outcomes, among other predictive uses. These benefits not only assist the transition toward patient-focused care, they’re… Read more »

Are New Leaders Needed to Guide Insurers Ahead?

Insurance is a business as old as business itself, expertly greasing the wheels of commerce by absorbing risks that would otherwise slow down the engines of growth. Insurance companies have long sold a promise—“We will take the financial hit for you so you can do what you do best”—and made good on it. But when… Read more »

Improving market conditions aid CFOs

Bolstering revenue with higher investment income makes sense given a bullish stock market and low interest rates Since the recession began, credit rating agencies have generally held a negative outlook on not-for-profit healthcare providers in the U.S. The Affordable Care Acthas not helped. The squeeze on hospital and health system margins shows no sign of… Read more »