Month: April 2015

9 Things IT Pros Are Doing Instead Of Managing Infrastructure

For IT staff, the old days of “rack and stack” are giving way to a new professional model—IT services business relationship manager. In this capacity, IT is seen as a partner with business leaders and functional department heads, assisting and delivering technology project needs with a keen eye on security, audit and compliance. The changing… Read more »

4 Ways Financial Institutions Can Bank On Big Data In 2015

A customer walks into the bank to make a deposit, greets the teller and, out of the blue, she’s asked if she would like a second mortgage. Is this any way to serve a valued customer? Not if she isn’t in the market for a second mortgage. But what if she is? It’s common practice… Read more »

How Hospitals Are Reining In-Patient Readmissions

The key to a high quality patient discharge is identifying post-discharge vulnerabilities. Federal penalties for high rates of patient readmissions are compelling hospitals to dig into the causes of the re-hospitalizations, which frequently have more to do with socioeconomic factors than the healthcare provided. This finding was the conclusion of a recent study in the… Read more »