Month: July 2015

Higher: 100 Years of Boeing – Book Review

Boeing, like Aviation Week & Space Technology, celebrates its centenary in 2016. To mark the milestone, Russ Banham, an author specializing in company histories, has written ‘Higher: 100 Years of Boeing’ – a lavishly illustrated and meticulously researched overview of the aerospace giant’s first century. The Wall Street Journal‘s review of the book was equally… Read more »

History of The Boeing Company

It has been my distinct privilege to write the histories of some of the world’s greatest companies, these giant institutions opening their archives to me and providing unfettered access to their current and former executive leadership. My books on such companies as Ford, Coors, Conoco, Airstream and many others have been well received and in the case of Ford… Read more »

Higher power: 100 years of Boeing

In 1916, lumberman Bill Boeing set to work building an aeroplane in a boathouse in Seattle, crafting his single pontoon plane from canvas and wood. Today, Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace company. A new book out next month, Higher: 100 Years of Boeing, tells the story of the brand and of the socioeconomic backdrop… Read more »

Wind + the Cloud: The Next Evolution of the Wind Industry

“Blow, blow, thou winter wind,” sadly sings a character in Shakespeare’s As You Like It. The sentiment is understandable. Even though wind power represents an extraordinary opportunity to capture energy and transform it into electricity, the wind cannot be counted on. Sometimes it blows, and sometimes it doesn’t. Unlike ceaseless rivers generating steady hydroelectric power,… Read more »

Price Optimization or Price Discrimination? Regulators Weigh In

Insurers’ growing use of predictive data analytics is predicated on enhancing operational efficiency, improving decision-making and offering more detailed pricing of products. It’s that last practice that has provoked a firestorm of criticism. Predictive data analytics leverages statistical techniques to analyze current and historical data to make more accurate predictions about the future. It is… Read more »