Month: August 2015

Predicting the Future

UNLEASHING THE POWER OF PREDICTIVE MODELING INTO BROADER USES SHOWS GREAT POTENTIAL IN AN INDUSTRY THAT HAS BEEN SLOW TO ADOPT DATA ANALYTICS. The insurance industry’s use of predictive data analytics reminds one of Aristotle’s famous phrases, “The more you know, the more you don’t know.” While the industry has taken great strides in using… Read more »

How Driverless Cars are Changing Auto Insurance

Driverless cars are headed your way soon. No one predicts that fully autonomous cars will clog streets and highways until at least the next generation of drivers. But within two decades, these cars will be driving the kids to school and handling our daily commutes. Google, which is leading the charge in the autonomous vehicle… Read more »

Why CIOs Should Be Happy About Shadow IT

Shadow IT is a growing menace—an insidious covert activity undermining a CIO’s ability to run an efficient, safe and coordinated IT department. It’s also may be the best thing that ever happened to a CIO. The rampant use of business-oriented applications in the cloud by employees to increase their efficiency and productivity is a clarion… Read more »