Month: October 2015

Is Your Network Safe From Hackers? 5 Keys To Good Security

You’re a hacker, and you have two targets in mind. One is the website of a large multinational company. The other is the website of a small law firm. The goal is a Denial of Service attack shutting down the website and not turning it back on until you’re paid a ransom in bitcoins, a… Read more »

The Next Frontier of Alternative Capital

The alternative reinsurance market is on steroids, bulking up to represent an estimated 12 percent of the global reinsurance market, according to estimates from Aon Benfield. This may seem like a paltry slice of the business, but it is more than double the alternative market’s share of five years ago and triple the size from… Read more »

Top Three Sources of Dead Money In Your Operation (And How to Revive them)

Every chemical, oil and gas company is beset by assets that fail to attain full production potential due to downtime. If a particular asset’s availability is 97 percent, that remaining 3 percent is stranded cash. For companies to achieve the highest return on investment, the goal is to extract as much production potential as possible… Read more »

Data Don’t Lie

One would think the insurance industry—the most data intensive of all businesses—would be leading all others in applying predictive analytics to better price and market its products and services. Think again. The industry has long been criticized as a technology laggard, an insult it deserves. No longer, however, will this be the case. With customers’… Read more »

Hacked and Damaged

The attackers struck unexpectedly and with devastating results. Earlier this year terrorists disabled the electronic shut-off systems on the furnaces at a steel mill in Germany, shutting down the facility and causing massive damage to a furnace that could not be properly turned off. At a congressional committee hearing, Peter Beshar, executive vice president and… Read more »