Month: November 2015

Is Amazon Overreaching?

Set aside the frightful articles about the Dickensian culture, employees responding to urgent texts in the wee hours or weeping at their desks from the workload. Forget for the moment the stark comparisons to Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times, his masterpiece on socioeconomic utopianism, in which he once explained, “humanity is weighed down with duty.” Focus, rather, on Amazon’s Amazonian ambitions. The company is a… Read more »

The New Venture Capitalists: Insurance Companies

Property and casualty insurers are rich as Croesus, awash in capital and having a tough time figuring out where to put it. They can certainly invest (and largely do) in the equity and bond ararkets, but the paltry returns give deep pause for additional consideration. So a few insurers are stashing at least some of… Read more »