Month: March 2016

Why You Need Technology to Find the Right Creative Talent

Marketers often adopt buzzwords to justify their strategies. “Let’s publish more snackable content, Larry.” “I want to be sure not to newsjack, Sandra.” “Penelope, let’s talk bottom-funnel next meeting.” The specialization of marketing terms, we’ve found, is an epidemic. But there’s one buzzword that probably doesn’t get enough burn: talent. Marketers are realizing that you… Read more »

How “Uber For Trucking” Apps Are Driving Change In The Freight Industry

Nearly 70 percent of all freight moved in the United States travels by truck, a haul that totals an eye-popping 10 billion tons each year, according to the American Trucking Associations, a trade group. Without trucks, the American economy brakes to a halt. Despite the industry’s importance, its progress has long been impeded by its fragmentation—the… Read more »

Protecting Business Interests, Security, and Mitigating Risk with Shadow IT

Dropbox. Evernote. WeTransfer. Asana. DocuSign. And so many more. Your team relies on a multitude of cloud-based applications to help them do their jobs more efficiently. The stronger your team is, the more productive they are and the more competitive your business can be. But are they putting your business at risk? Your IT department… Read more »