Month: April 2016

Insurers Welcome CDOs to the New C-Suite

Better late than never. Long lambasted as a technology laggard, the property/casualty insurance industry appears to be following the lead of other financial services companies like banks, accounting firms and stock brokerages in appointing two new “chiefs,” albeit both with the unfortunate acronym of CDO. We write “unfortunate” only because the two new members of… Read more »

Build or Bust: The Ups and Downs of the Construction Market

Housing starts across the country are at an eight-year high, as builders ramp up the construction of new residential homes. Non-residential construction of commercial buildings like office complexes and hotels also is on a tear, up 8.9% through most of 2015. The rebound in the construction sector is good news for the U.S. economy as… Read more »

Digital Mind Field

Our world is fast becoming a colossal digital ecosystem. Our cars, homes and offices. Our friends, families and colleagues. Everything and everyone around us is connected via highly sophisticated and fast-evolving computerized systems. Within these connections are wireless sensors, software and networks that allow for the collection and exchange of data. This is the Internet… Read more »

2016 Trends In Applicant Tracking Systems

Yesterday’s ATS (applicant tracking system) was a great way to manage the flood of job applications that overwhelmed hiring managers in the past. By automatically filtering the submissions based on a range of candidate criteria, these applications could be handled in a streamlined and regulatory-compliant manner. Today’s ATS does this and much, much more. The… Read more »

The Risks and Opportunities of Doing Business in the Middle East

For every company considering market opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), the region’s political and economic stability is of great concern. A broad geographic expanse that is home to more than 350 million people, the region faces an increasing threat of violence and unrest from civil wars in Libya, Yemen, Iraq and… Read more »