Month: November 2016

How “Uber For Trucking” Apps Are Driving Change In The Freight Industry

By Russ Banham Nearly 70 percent of all freight moved in the United States travels by truck, a haul that totals an eye-popping 10 billion tons each year, according to the American Trucking Associations, a trade group. Without trucks, the American economy brakes to a halt. Despite the industry’s importance, its progress has long been… Read more »

Network of Trust: How Traity’s Cartagena Is Improving the World, One Reputation at a Time

By Russ Banham Does a person’s online social networking reputation affect whether or not the individual can be trusted? Juan Cartagena is betting his company’s future on it. Cartagena is the founder and CEO of Traity, a technology startup that has patented a predictive data analytics solution to score people’s reputations based on their online… Read more »

Clinton v. Trump: Who’s Better for Business?

CFO By Russ Banham Oct. 17, 2016 As you may be aware, this year’s presidential election campaign is like no other. We’ve heard a whole lot of buzz about the candidates’ temperaments and character, about demagoguery and email servers, about bigotry and speaker fees—not to mention marital fidelity, reality TV, pantsuits, and hand size. What… Read more »

Is Your Cybersecurity Program Litigation-Ready?

Forbes By Russ Banham The deluge of data breaches that has cracked open some of the world’s best-known companies should put members of corporate boards on notice. Though most board members are not experts in cybersecurity, they carry a heavy burden of responsibility for helping to prevent data breaches. Because board directors and senior executive… Read more »

Why Businesses Shrug Off Natural Disaster Threats, And How They Can Stay Vigilant

Forbes By Russ Banham Some people can’t help being optimistic. It’s wired into their genes. They know Mother Nature can be devastating, but they’re certain they’ll escape her occasional ill will. Bad stuff happens, they figure, to other people. This explains, in part, why so many people buy or build homes along coastlines and in… Read more »

Chain Reaction

The digital currency bitcoin is often discussed with a high degree of skepticism. Some praise it while others are super cautious about the potential for fraud. FAST FOCUS Brokers are studying the use of blockchain-enabled technology to improve their operational efficiency. A cottage industry of new competitors merging insurance and technology are already implementing blockchain… Read more »

Marketing in Milliseconds: Can Mobile Marketing Deliver on its Promise?

You’re driving down the road and hungry for a burger when your iPhone beeps, “20 percent off at Burger King one block east from next exit ramp.” Or you’re thinking about a vacation in Hawaii, when hotels on Maui seem to be competing for you to book a reservation. The power of this instant messaging seems undeniable. What better way to sell something to consumers (or… Read more »