Month: March 2017

When Egos Get in the Way: A Guide for New CEOs

By Russ Banham Carrier Management Yesterday’s chief executive officers achieved success overseeing an organization in a fairly predictable environment. On well-understood business platforms, they had clear sight into market challenges and operational problems, guiding the right decisions to solve them. Time was on the CEO’s side to make these determinations. This is no longer the… Read more »

Peer Pressure: Is Peer-to-Peer Insurance a Fad or the Future?

By Russ Banham Risk Management Among the hundreds of startups in the burgeoning field of insurtech—technology innovations designed to improve the insurance industry—are close to a dozen peer-to-peer (P2P) companies looking to compete directly with traditional insurance markets. While only one such company, Lemonade, is currently licensed to do business in the United States—and only… Read more »