Month: July 2017

Encouraging Cross-Mentorship To Bridge The Generational Digital Divide

By Russ Banham Baby Boomers in the workforce have amassed decades of experience over a lifetime of workplace changes. Meanwhile, Millennials are relatively new to their jobs, but as digital natives they instinctively understand how to use the latest software and applications. Can these odd bedfellows find common ground? Cross-mentorship may provide the way… Read more »

Life Insurance: Term or Perm

By Russ Banham Life insurance is one of life’s essentials, with different types of products aimed at different life stages. When young and in the formative years of a career, term life insurance can provide ample financial protection to dependents at a relatively low cost. In later life stages, permanent life insurance may offer, depending… Read more »

Beware of these 5 Deadly Corporate Sins

By Russ Banham Chief Executive Dubious corporate tactics that were once considered arcane business shenanigans are now consumed and broadcast on social networks as widely as the latest celebrity scandal. The public’s sudden interest in corporate mischief is driven by a confluence of emergent populism, growing mistrust of institutions and the bully pulpit of social… Read more »

Team Trump’s Tug-of-War

How will the president’s economic advisers alter the global business prospects of U.S. companies? By Russ Banham CFO No man is an island, not even the leader of the free world. Since taking office, President Trump has been reshaping his campaign pledges. Prodding him to wield the chisel are his advisers: an unusual assortment of liberal-leaning family… Read more »