Month: February 2018

DDoS Attacks Evolve To Conscript Devices Onto The IoT

By Russ Banham The number of cybersecurity attacks skyrocketed in frequency and increased in complexity as the internet of things (IoT) spread its wings in 2017. But DDoS attacks are really nothing new. They turn 30 this year, making the threat to computer systems and data security one of the oldest around. But the IoT has provided new fuel…. Read more »

Don’t Let Your IT Security Be The Lowest-Hanging Fruit

By Russ Banham Yesterday’s hackers may have yearned for the bragging rights that come from having pulled off a major cyberattack, be it against a government network or a large company. But today’s hackers aim for the lowest-hanging fruit: Money, in this case bitcoin, is a bigger lure than boasting. Today’s hackers strike in… Read more »

Biggest Mistake: No Employee Non-Compete Clause, Says BlackLine CEO Therese Tucker

By Russ Banham Chief Executive Therese Tucker is the rare woman in technology to have founded a successful technology company and brought it public. The CEO of BlackLine, a provider of automated finance and accounting software now worth in excess of $1.5 billion, is esteemed for her enlightened entrepreneurship, software programming savvy, and nurturing leadership… Read more »