Month: May 2018

How Small Businesses Can Use Televisions To Enhance The Buying Experience

By Russ Banham Big-screen televisions are a pittance of what they cost just a few years ago, making them a potentially worthwhile investment for small businesses — not so they can catch customers up on reality television but to help with marketing. Televisions strategically installed throughout a store can play programs that educate, interest… Read more »

Leadership and Legacy: When Enough Is Enough at the Top

By Russ Banham Carrier Management magazine When to retire is one of the toughest decisions for any executive to make. For a CEO at the top of the pyramid, the decision is rife with complexities. Not only must the CEO relinquish day-to-day control, he or she must cope with the possibility of not having completed… Read more »

Playing Favorites

THE DISMANTLING OF NET NEUTRALITY COULD UNDERMINE TELEHEALTH By Russ Banham Chief Executive magazine The dismantling of so-called Net Neutrality rules regulating service providers that connect consumers to the internet may have unintended consequences for the rapidly growing telehealth industry. Telehealth, or telemedicine as it is also called, refers to virtual healthcare provided remotely by… Read more »

Revolutionary thinking: Why CFOs should account for political instability

Corporate executives are increasingly worried about geopolitical instability — and with good reason. By Russ Banham FM magazine Prior to the 2011 uprising in Egypt that led to President Hosni Mubarak’s stepping down from power, multinational building materials company Cemex developed a plan to manage fallout from just such a political crisis. That plan came… Read more »