Month: June 2018

Spy on Spy: Hacking into the Darknet

By Russ Banham In the murky underground forums of the¬†darknet, thousands of hackers trade secrets, discuss new forms of malware, and boast about recent attacks. Back when those logging in to the forums were¬†primarily a bunch of computer geeks, it probably had the feel of a harmless secret society. Then came the bad guys. Criminal… Read more »

Think About It: Converting Brain Waves to Operate a Prosthetic Device

By Russ Banham Following an electrical accident as a teenager, Les Baugh lost both arms to amputation. When he heard about a revolutionary surgery that would give him the ability to operate a prosthetic device using his thoughts, Baugh stepped forward as a volunteer. Developed by The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physicals Laboratory, the… Read more »