Month: February 2019

Doubling Down On ESG: Proxy Season With A Social Conscience

By Russ Banham Corporate Board member As the 2019 proxy season commences, shareholder proposals continue to be ripped from the headlines. Board diversity, climate change, the opioid epidemic and gun violence will top the agenda in corporate boardrooms in 2019—with directors called upon to ensure that sophisticated policies are in place to address them. Given… Read more »

Five Ways to Recruit and Retain Generation Z

By Russ Banham Perspectives They’re fresh-faced, smart, and headed your way. Gen Z, true digital natives born post-1996, are entering the workforce with skills and expectations that require rethinking current hiring and workforce paradigms. For one thing, these entry-level workers are not all college graduates, as many Gen Z’ers are bypassing higher education to obtain prized internships… Read more »

Out-Of-The-Box Approaches To Executive Education

By Russ Banham Chief Executive School days, school daze. Many CEOs are rethinking their expenditures on traditional executive development programs. It’s not that an MBA from a marquee institution has lost its value, it’s just that quantifying the impact on business outcomes is elusive. Sure, employees come away from the experience with enhanced knowledge, but… Read more »

Three M&A Alternatives For Accelerating Your Digital Transformation

By Russ Banham Chief Executive Apprehensive over inferior mobile and online platforms, inefficient processes and frightful visions of becoming irrelevant, both tech and non-tech organizations are looking to leapfrog the innovation curve by acquiring proficiency in A.I., robotics, predictive analytics, machine learning, blockchain, natural language processing, image recognition software and the Internet of Things (IoT)…. Read more »