Month: March 2019

Fix It Before It Breaks: How Smart Machines Are the New Quality Control

By Russ Banham Dell Perspectives It wasn’t long ago when “quality control” consisted of expert personnel whose task was to measure, weigh, touch, and scrutinize finished goods to discern evidence of possible defects. While many manufacturers still rely on such expertise, more are turning to automated “smart machines” in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)… Read more »

How Blockchain Is Disrupting 3 Industries

By Russ Banham Forbes Blockchain burst into the mainstream five years ago as a secure platform for Bitcoin transactions, but the technology’s use today is extending well beyond cryptocurrency to transform industry sectors on a holistic ecosystem basis. Healthcare, banking and insurance are just three industries that anticipate tens of billions of dollars in cost… Read more »

Hiring America’s Heroes

By Russ Banham Chief Executive America’s military veterans are some of the most skilled people on the planet, able to lead a project team through extraordinary challenges or deliver superior outcomes on mission-driven tasks. More than one million veterans will exit the U.S. Armed Forces over the next five years. This diverse talent pool has… Read more »

How Carbon Capture Tech Is Easing Industry’s Green Transition

By Russ Banham Forbes Scientists on the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) commissioned by the United Nations to provide guidance to global leaders on the economic and humanitarian impacts of climate change reviewed more than 6,000 scientific studies before reaching a devastating conclusion: Greenhouse gases (above all carbon dioxide, or CO2) must be reduced by… Read more »

Visions of Commercial Transportation: The Future of Commercial Auto Insurance Is Here

By Russ Banham Carrier Management For several years now, the commercial auto segment has been among the property/casualty insurance industry’s worst performing lines. Wounded by a sharp uptick in claims frequency and severity and helped little by inadequate premium increases, average direct loss ratios and combined ratio hover around 66 and 110, respectively. The market’s… Read more »

Quake Queller: A New Technology Called the Seismic Muffler Brings New Hope for Reducing Earthquake Damage

By Russ Banham Leader’s Edge On Jan. 17, 1994, a 6.7-magnitude earthquake struck the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, killing 72 people, injuring more than 10,000, and causing an estimated $40 billion in widespread property damage. Thousands of homes, buildings and cars were destroyed in what remains one of the costliest catastrophes in… Read more »

How We Can Make Our Power Grids More Stable And Resilient

By Russ Banham Forbes It’s a classic supply-demand imbalance. Global energy demand is forecast to rise over the next 20 years, but fossil fuels — currently the principal source of power generation — cannot meet growing needs. That’s the upshot of the latest global energy report from the International Energy Agency (IEA). While fossil fuels will remain… Read more »