Month: April 2019

Andy Fastow and me

Enron’s former CFO and convicted felon Andrew Fastow talks with the CFO writer who first chronicled his “groundbreaking” manipulation of accounting rules. By Russ Banham CFO Twenty years ago, CFO gave Enron finance chief Andrew S. Fastow a CFO Excellence Award in the category of “capital structure management.” In a feature story naming him an… Read more »

How Carbon Capture Tech Is Easing Industry’s Green Transition

By Russ Banham Forbes Scientists on the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) commissioned by the United Nations to provide guidance to global leaders on the economic and humanitarian impacts of climate change reviewed more than 6,000 scientific studies before reaching a devastating conclusion: Greenhouse gases (above all carbon dioxide, or CO2) must be reduced by… Read more »

Nimble Online Banks Go After Brick-and-Mortar Behemoths

By Russ Banham Dell Perspectives Legacy United States brick and mortar banks are in the crosshairs of so-called challenger banks—nimble European startups with unusual names like Starling, Revolut, Monzo, and N26, and equally unusual value propositions. The digital-only banks have attracted millions of customers across Europe, carving inroads into traditional financial institutions’ depositor base. Each… Read more »

The Art of the Acquisition

INSURANCE CARRIERS ARE COMBINING M&A AND STRATEGIC INVESTMENTS TO IMPROVE THEIR ACCESS TO NEW CAPITAL MARKETS AND DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION. By Russ Banham Leader’s Edge Mergers and acquisitions in the property-casualty and life and health insurance sectors broke new ground in 2018—and not just in the skyrocketing value of deals. M&A deal value among both P&C… Read more »