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Out-Of-The-Box Approaches To Executive Education

By Russ Banham Chief Executive School days, school daze. Many CEOs are rethinking their expenditures on traditional executive development programs. It’s not that an MBA from a marquee institution has lost its value, it’s just that quantifying the impact on business outcomes is elusive. Sure, employees come away from the experience with enhanced knowledge, but… Read more »

Three M&A Alternatives For Accelerating Your Digital Transformation

By Russ Banham Chief Executive Apprehensive over inferior mobile and online platforms, inefficient processes and frightful visions of becoming irrelevant, both tech and non-tech organizations are looking to leapfrog the innovation curve by acquiring proficiency in A.I., robotics, predictive analytics, machine learning, blockchain, natural language processing, image recognition software and the Internet of Things (IoT)…. Read more »

Deep Learning Holds Promise for Much Longer Lives

By Russ Banham Perspectives The longest living human on record was Jeanne Calment, a French woman who died in 1997 at the age of 122. That’s a pretty sizable leap from today’s average life expectancy at birth in 2018 — 70 for males and 74 for females on a worldwide basis. But it’s peanuts compared to what… Read more »

Virtual House Calls

By Russ Banham Leader’s Edge Time is of the essence in the agricultural industry, given the short window of opportunity to harvest fruits and vegetables in their peak condition. When workers feel under the weather from a cold or stomach virus, they typically have to drive a long distance to a medical clinic or hospital… Read more »

Critical audit matters coming into focus

By Russ Banham Journal of Accountancy As auditors prepare for a new auditing standard requiring the disclosure of critical audit matters (CAMs) in their reports, they are traveling in uncharted territory and contemplating new information that they will be providing to investors. The new auditing standard AS 3101, The Auditor’s Report on an Audit of Financial Statements… Read more »

Beyond Digitization: The Road To Fully Digitalized Manufacturing

By Russ Banham Forbes Digitization, digitalization and digital transformation: It’s easy to confuse them, but in fact, they’re very different, each describing a specific facet of a journey toward the development of new revenue-producing business concepts. Phase one, digitization, is simply the process of transforming operating manuals, handbooks, documents, photographs and other informational resources into… Read more »

Breaking Bad

By Russ Banham CFO Not every day does the CEO of a large public company contentedly smoke marijuana on a podcast (which was also recorded on video), shortly after tweeting he has secured funding to take the business private, blindsiding the board of directors. But this is Elon Musk after all, the Johnny Depp of… Read more »

5 Roles AI Will Play In The Corporate Governance Of Tomorrow

By Russ Banham Corporate governance is in the crosshairs, with institutional investors broadcasting their concerns over the financial impact on companies of such social issues as the #MeToo movement, climate change, diversity and inclusion, and board gender composition. Businesses with all-male boards, for instance, are now perceived as sending a message of gender inequity,… Read more »

Hiring America’s Heroes: What Four Companies Are Doing To Hire Veterans

By Russ Banham Chief Executive Earlier this year, Chief Executive, in partnership with the Thayer Leader Development Group (TLDG) at West Point, launched our inaugural Patriots in Business Awards to honor the Best Companies with Veteran & Military Initiatives. The award recognizes outstanding businesses that lead our nation in supporting active duty military members, veterans and their… Read more »

Industry 2050: How Clean Manufacturing Is A Win-Win Proposition

By Russ Banham Forbes Now that more companies are realizing the financial and environmental benefits of investing in production methods and technologies that take the dirty work out of making stuff, clean manufacturing is no longer an oxymoron. An industry that has long been an ecological disappointment is poised to become an exemplar of eco-friendly… Read more »