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How Emerging Tech Will Reshape Our Economy in the Next Decade

By Russ Banham Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, 5G, cryptocurrencies, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are improving how we communicate and exchange information. To varying degrees and often in combination, these tools also are transforming the fundamentals of commerce and production. Yet, these breakthrough technologies tend to stir up worries of jobs… Read more »

Insurer Innovation Comes Under the Rating Agency Microscope

By Russ Banham Insurance Journal Underway for some time now, the disruption of the insurance industry has moved into a new phase, following the announcement by A.M. Best that it may soon begin scoring insurers’ innovation efforts. Journalist Russ Banham spoke with ratings agencies, thought leaders and an industry exec to discuss the varied responses… Read more »

Silent No More

Cyber claims made under traditional P&C policies that may be silent on the subject are forcing hidden cyber exposure into the spotlight. BY RUSS BANHAM Leader’s Edge In the aftermath of major cyber attacks like NotPetya, policyholders have filed claims under property and liability insurance policies that remained silent on whether coverage included cyber attacks. These… Read more »

Boards Should Ask Executives These Ethics Questions

By Russ Banham Corporate Board Member Board members have a fiduciary responsibility to be loyal to the corporation and its shareholders in utmost good faith and with scrupulous honesty. These duties insist that members supervise the same measures of integrity throughout the organization. “Serious issues like paying a bribe or engaging in any form of… Read more »

Ethics In An Unethical World

By Russ Banham Corporate Board Member Fred Davidson was stifling in the unbearable heat of a midsummer’s day in 2002. Temperatures in the corrugated steel warehouse hovered around 100 degrees. Weeks earlier, Energold Drilling, a global drilling solutions company that operates 270 rigs in 24 countries across the Americas, Africa and Asia, had imported several… Read more »

In Blockchain They Trust

By Russ Banham CFO Someday, you may use an app at a supermarket to scan the beef sirloin you plan to buy for dinner, discovering the cow’s life journey. Another app will assure that the pair of handmade Gucci loafers you just bought are authentic. These apps will be connected over the internet to blockchain… Read more »

New Accounting Model For Life Insurers Seeks Greater Transparency

By Russ Banham Forbes A new accounting standard issued by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) should make it easier for investors to compare companies that sell long-duration life and health products and annuities with market guarantees. However, companies will need to expend a great deal of effort to comply with the standard. FASB’s Accounting Standards… Read more »

How Machine Learning Speeds Up Fraud Detection

By Russ Banham Forbes In their work to unearth evidence of fraudulent activities, forensic accounting investigators dig through diverse data looking for anomalies that suggest something is just not right. But as the massive volumes of data collected by companies balloon, this task has become increasingly arduous, time-consuming and humanly impossible. The regrettable consequence is… Read more »

How Energy Companies Are Leading The Way In Cybersecurity

By Russ Banham Forbes In today’s increasingly digital world, the secure transmission of sensitive information has become a top priority for both individual citizens and the world’s largest government agencies. Since 90 percent of the U.S.’s power infrastructure is privately held, leading energy companies are adopting cybersecurity practices intended to reduce the impact of any… Read more »

5G is the Road to Tomorrow

By Russ Banham Perspectives Few things in life are certain, but one of them appears to be the inevitably of self-driving cars. Although some disparage this possibility for potential safety and loss of personal freedom reasons, others can’t wait to hop into a Tesla or Waymo and say, “Home, please.” This latter group may get… Read more »