For our centennial, we wanted to work with an author who could write a book that engaged and inspired our employees, customers, communities and everyone that is a part of – or an enthusiast of – Boeing and aerospace. The book needed to show how Boeing fit into, and often led, a century’s worth of global growth, technological revolutions, and economic shifts to become the world's leading aerospace company. We’re happy to say Russ Banham did it and did it very well‎.


CEO and chairman, The Boeing Company

Russ is a total professional able to work quickly and efficiently with the most senior management to piece together the history, culture and achievements of their organization. His writing is engaging as he draws the reader into the pages of each book he writes. His appearances on the Today Show and other national networks for The Ford Century were a huge success. I recommend Russ highly as an author of note.


Publisher, The Ford Century and Bosch in the United States: The First 100 Years

Russ is one of the best business journalists in the world, a well-respected writer whose sharp understanding of global economics, risk management, technology, and the inner workings of businesses puts him in a rare league. His two-dozen books about the world’s greatest companies have made him
America’s corporate historian.


Editor-in-Chief, Leader’s Edge Magazine

The two books Russ wrote about Coors and Coorstek capture both companies’ fascinating histories comprehensively and compellingly.


Former Chairman & CEO, Coors Brewing Company

Russ’s writing conveyed the story of Ford’s rich heritage and history in a very interesting and memorable way. We couldn't thank him enough for his fine work.


Chairman, Ford Motor Company