Attack of the SPACs

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What directors need to know about this fast-track path to going public. By Russ Banham Corporate Board Member A dozen years ago, longtime board director and chairman Stephen Kasnet was…

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Stopped Cold

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As global supply chains unraveled, trade credit insurance dried up, leaving some calling for government help and others looking to move local. By Russ Banham Leader's Edge magazine Marc Wagman had never…

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Is Your CFO The Right CFO?

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The case for making this your most productive, trusted relationship in a hyper-competitive, sped-up era. By Russ Banham Chief Executivemagazine A computer programmer by training, Therese Tucker broke the tech sector’s…

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Ranking U.S. Insurers: How They Score on ESG Performance

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By Russ Banham Carrier Management For the past several years, environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors have figured prominently in the investment decisions of institutional investors, pension funds and shareholders. The…

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