Reinsurance Causes Investor Feeding Frenzy

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Property catastrophe reinsurance is causing a feeding frenzy for investors as they seem extremely willing to plunk their money into an alternative investment that does not correlate with their other…

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How Hot Data Influences Real-Time Decisions

Big data is big news these days, promising extraordinary insight into a company’s business performance against forecasted performance in as close to “real time” as possible. All that structured and unstructured data…

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How a ‘Wired’ Hospital does Data Security

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Few sectors of the economy face a bigger information security challenge than healthcare. Not only do hospitals have all the typical compliance issues of any business with sensitive customer data,…

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Burritos in the Cloud

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Here's how one restaurant chain approaches data security. Fast-growing restaurant chain Boloco Inc. pays as much attention to today’s latest technologies as it does to the nutritional quality and taste of its…

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Playing Defense

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CFOs of defense contractors are preparing their companies for a new era of austerity at the Pentagon. Read the full article written by Russ Banham here.

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Cities on the Brink

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Municipal finance chiefs are fighting to keep their troubled cities solvent. Sometimes it’s a losing battle. Prior to its incorporation in 1850, Stockton, Calif., was known as Fat City, and…

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May the Field Be with You

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Cloud-based applications are pushing out planning and forecasting to workers in the farthest reaches of the company. Simplifying the decision-making process is a fundamental goal for CFOs, given the competitive…

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Failing—to Win

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Make no mistake about it; no one likes to make a mistake. But admitting one’s failure and learning from it often provides for greater success in future. That’s the message…

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