Cities on the Brink

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Municipal finance chiefs are fighting to keep their troubled cities solvent. Sometimes it’s a losing battle. Prior to its incorporation in 1850, Stockton, Calif., was known as Fat City, and…

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May the Field Be with You

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Cloud-based applications are pushing out planning and forecasting to workers in the farthest reaches of the company. Simplifying the decision-making process is a fundamental goal for CFOs, given the competitive…

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Failing—to Win

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Make no mistake about it; no one likes to make a mistake. But admitting one’s failure and learning from it often provides for greater success in future. That’s the message…

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All Together Now

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The convergence of social, mobile and cloud technologies —“SoMoClo”— is changing the way companies work. No, it’s not the latest trendy neighborhood in New York City. “SoMoClo” is shorthand for…

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Still Not Working

Confronted with shrinking revenue during the Great Recession, many U.S. companies made what seemed to be lasting improvements in their management of working capital. But today it appears that the…

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Healing the CFO-CIO Rift

Not long ago, CFOs and CIOs were a breed apart. The former thought and talked in the language of dollars and cents; the latter thought and talked in bits and…

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Appraising Performance Appraisals

Providing employees with consistent, effective feedback is what often distinguishes good from great CEOs. Appraisals may, in fact, be a CEO’s most potent tool in aligning people and improving effectiveness.…

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Weathering the Weather (CFO)

In the face of extreme weather and natural disasters, companies are reengineering their supply chains for added reliability. Since Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans in 2005, catastrophes like the massive…

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