Wearable Devices Monitor How Salespeople Talk

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Improving the way employees communicate with customers is crucial to increased sales. Now there’s wearable technology that can show salespeople how they’re doing.

Sociometric Solutions has developed sensors that are attached to an employee’s ID badge and can measure the length and quality of conversations the salesperson has with retail customers.

The sensors — microphones with real time voice-processing software — don’t record the conversations but analyze the sounds to determine tone of voice, how quickly someone talks and volume modulation (if the speaker is emotive or flat). Another sensor, a motion detector, gauges the employee’s posture to discern closeness to others when speaking as well as fatigue. Proprietary algorithms then interpret the varying data and compare it to sales performance.

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For Bank of America’s call center operation, the wearable technology identified a need for closer-knit work groups, which helped increase call-handling productivity by 12 percent and helped reduce turnover from 40 percent to 12 percent.

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