BlaBlaCar Keeps Ride-Sharing Conversation Moving

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While Europeans have jumped onboard, will Americans take to a car-sharing concept involving complete strangers?

First it was Zipcar and then Uber in the United States, and now BlaBlaCar in Europe is becoming the talk of the ride-sharing movement.

These fancifully named companies are upending the rental-car and livery industries by providing more cost-effective ways for consumers to travel by automotive.

In the case of the Paris-based startup BlaBlaCar, which has grown steadily throughout Europe since its launch in 2006, the premise is simple. Someone driving from Munich to Berlin the third week of July enters this information on the BlaBlaCar website or mobile application, and then whoever else wants to travel the same route posts their interest in sharing the ride. The travelers split the expenses and BlaBlaCar takes a small fee for its booking service.

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