COVID-Embattled Industries: Profiles in Resilience

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Although the pandemic nearly crushed their industries, these companies are finding ways to thrive. By Russ Banham CFO magazine Aimbridge Hospitality’s worst-case scenario in its planning for “black swan” events used to…

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Communicating With The Departed

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By Russ Banham Realizemagazine When you’re dead, you’re dead,” actress Marlene Dietrich said in the 1980s. “That’s it.” In the 2020s, this conclusive statement is a bit more nuanced. Through a…

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Haptic Happenings

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How touch technologies are taking on new meaning By Russ Banham Realize magazine Of the five senses, touch arguably is the most underprized. If limited to a choice of having…

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Nothing is Impossible

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Tech evangelist Mick Ebeling redefines what’s possible in addressing “absurdities.” By Russ Banham Realize Every Not Impossible project begins with two fundamental questions: If not now, then when? If not…

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