A Blueprint for Talent

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Organizations that leverage predictive analytics can pinpoint soft skills and cultural fit qualities of top performers to use for future hiring needs. Predictive talent analytics is giving HR the means to recruit…

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Screening For the Best

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Automation, integration, and mobile tools allow background screening providers to perform their critical role better than ever. Nearly every month in the United States this past year, more than 150,000…

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Is Amazon Overreaching?

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Set aside the frightful articles about the Dickensian culture, employees responding to urgent texts in the wee hours or weeping at their desks from the workload. Forget for the moment the stark comparisons to…

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The Next Frontier of Alternative Capital

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The alternative reinsurance market is on steroids, bulking up to represent an estimated 12 percent of the global reinsurance market, according to estimates from Aon Benfield. This may seem like…

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Data Don’t Lie

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One would think the insurance industry—the most data intensive of all businesses—would be leading all others in applying predictive analytics to better price and market its products and services. Think…

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Hacked and Damaged

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The attackers struck unexpectedly and with devastating results. Earlier this year terrorists disabled the electronic shut-off systems on the furnaces at a steel mill in Germany, shutting down the facility…

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Telling Your Tale

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Companies that communicate an authentic employment brand have much to gain in today’s hot talent market. Kenco is no different from the many other companies that were founded by people…

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